Tap Zoo: Christmas

Tap Zoo: Christmas 1.7

Build your own holiday-themed zoo


  • Many animals and decoration options to purchase
  • Helpful tutorial hints pop up on occasion
  • Connect with friends on Facebook


  • To obtain more currency, app encourages installing other apps
  • Tap screen is not entirely accurate or responsive

Not bad

Tap Zoo: Christmas is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that allows you to purchase animals and decorations to build a virtual zoo.

In the same vein as Farmville, purchasing animals and buildings for your zoo is the best way to ensure you have visitors. This, in turn, gives you revenue to expand. The goal is to build the largest zoo possible that will attract the most people in the shortest amount of time.

Tap Zoo has two forms of currency. The first is simply a gold coin system similar to other games. Since Tap Zoo: Christmas has a holiday theme, the other form of currency is snowflakes. The first thing you'll likely purchase is an animal. Once you have two, you can breed them once every specified period of time. This gives you experience points and will advance you through Tap Zoo: Christmas's many levels. Some animals require coins to purchase while others require snowflakes. The snowflakes are much more difficult to obtain in Tap Zoo: Christmas.

Much like Farmville and other games of its kind, Tap Zoo: Christmas allows you to purchase extra gold coins and snowflakes via credit card. You can also earn more currency by purchasing apps from a specified list in the Tap Zoo: Christmas interface. If you think Tap Zoo: Christmas is worth a share, you can connect with friends on Facebook to notify them of how your Christmas zoo is progressing as well.

Tap Zoo: Christmas unfortunately doesn't break any new ground. The touch pad controls are also a little difficult to work with since some of the objects you're trying to touch are so small. Additionally, the music selection is on a constant loop that can get annoying quite quickly.

For a build-your-own zoo game with a cute holiday theme, give Tap Zoo: Christmas a try.

Tap Zoo: Christmas


Tap Zoo: Christmas 1.7

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